Thursday, 11 June 2009

LoL !!

Guys is untrustable? i think so...
but then who should i trust?
i donno...
a guy who say love u 2day,mayb will hold other gal hand on the next day.
haha!! i meant it! this world is really crazy...
don care le,good luck gals.
don choose the wrong one.

nite nite!

Monday, 8 June 2009

The Greatest Nite~im LVL200 in Maple!

Me n my bro~Quan hav been training this char name AureoleLove for 1 n half year...

we already 4got tat how many 2x exp tat we hav use on...

But we nv giv up~ Finally at 8 june2009, AureoleLove hav achieve lvl200 !!!!

all of our fren are waiting 2 celebrate this greatest moment with us~

Woo!! COOL!! LVLED!!!

Omg! my chat box hav been flooding!!

So happy! finally graduate from maple!
<3>Thx all my fren who surpport me all the way.i won 4get u all de!!

Thank You Very Much!!