Wednesday, 27 May 2009


i donno how2 describe the happiness inside~haha! 1st time got ppl asking me marry him~
so sweet~~even thought juz married in game la~

i won 4get 2day!27 may 2009! im married with my baby KotteK aka Adam~ in maple!!!!

Baby! Thx for stay by my side all the way!I Love U 4ever , My Baby!

of course, my answer is : Yes, I do!

haha! thx all my fren those who attends our weeding 2nite ^^ thx for coming n bleesing us!!

Muackss my baby!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Colouring my nails ^^

haha! so late already.i juz finish colour my nails^^ holiday mah,i except going out with fren,playing on9 game maple story,im ntg 2 do le~oh ya,i go church at sunday lo^^

haha! holiday mah,hav2 b pretty all the time.

everyday stay at home also bored.

but so happy tat my maple baby Kottek hav reach lvl 200~


my maple char AureoleLove also going 200 soon le!! im so excited!!!

Guys! all ready mega 2 mega me hor!! haha!!u all must +U+U oh!chiong 200 then slack with me ^^

my holiday going end soon le.must enjoy everyday~haha! miss u all my uni fren~take care ya!going meet u all soon le^^ haha!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Finish Exam! Yeah! Back 2 Penang!

Yeah! finish exam already! is happy time..
i back 2 Penang happy n tired...
mayb too many nite late sleep...always headache...
actually 2day not feeling well...i eat medichine n keep sleep after i juz back home.
this holiday only 1 month,i still thinking 2 find a job. but seems like so hard.
haha!nvm la, enjoy this holiday... rest well...
next sem must study hard le.this sem de exam i din try my best...
haiz...hope tat i will pass the exam as well -_-"
haha! happy holiday all my fren ^^