Friday, 25 December 2009

My Nails Collection

My nails when Christmas 2009. It is a easy drawing design n look nice too. I love it so much!

My frens if u all interested can hv a try. Those are the material tat i use to draw it.

Of course must including polish remover, its became useful when we wan 2 change nails design~ Haha!This is another example. The 1st time i try 3D nail design. But very hard 2 take care of it, quite inconvenient. Haha!

This design seem like got abit hard 2 draw. Quite challenging. Haha! Happy tat i mange 2 make it.

I wish 2 have more improvement in the future. Make my life colourful as same as my nails. Haha! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My 2009 Holidays

After finish work at popular, I very free and go around meet up my old frens. Of course, in the same time, i also accompany mummy go around, especially shopping. Haha! Buy new year cloth mah!

Kian Kian n Bernard also come this far to Penang. We eat yummy food around Penang! Aiyo, i until now still cant 4got the Yummy Satay!! Haha!

Tang Yuan ^^

Its have been a very long time tat i din taste Tang Yuan! I love it so much! Those Tang Yuan is make by my Mummy. Can feel her love inside those Tang Yuan! Very sweet ^^
Mummy i love u!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Days Working at Popular

This is a very Great experience. Working at Popular's Book Fair is quite of fun, even though we are tired. This short period of working days really is very unforgettable memory. Many funny thing happen among us. Haha! Those 1-stop's food we almost try all already. I felt very thankful to ah Ming Ming and his aunty who introduce me to this job. thx for take care of me ya^^ especially ah Ming. Hehe!