Thursday, 26 March 2009

北方七点九的 Farewell

2day we go steamboat!! yeah!!! long time nv steamboat le!! really tasty!!

time past so fast, alot senior going graduate this year. haiz...miss them so much!!! din hav those senior around we all will look old le~ muahahaha!!!! no la i juz joking...

btw, the steamboat is very delicious. haha!! especially tat tom yam with 纸菜!! really tasty!! i like it most!! haha!! so paiseh coz i eat alot >.<

haha!! wish those senior who graduate de, will hav good job in the future ya~

if 1day bcome famous don 4get we junior hor!!! muaahahahaha!!!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Petronas’s Singing Competition

After a our hard work of practise,we sucessful go into final.haha!me n angel singing the song title “带我走”. so happy!
Alot of fren lai surpport us!! thx u all.even though they all so busy about their assignment, they still come 2 surpport!! thx oh!! it was so sweet~~~ muackss! haha!
we not the winner in this competition,but i still so happy >.<

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Dance competition-Dance Out Your Heart

My time is rushing n I having exam 2morow, but I still din do any revision yet. On the same time, my fren giving me a big surprise! He ask me singing 2nite for the dance competition. For tat moment when I heard it, the word tat come out from my mind is “OMG!!!” Its really killing me coz I never do any preparation n I only left around 2 or 3 hour for me 2 practice!

Luckily the performance is doing well (-_-“ lucky tat I din 4get the song’s lyrics). Thx god! Haha! Still as usual, I like 2 thx my fren coz giving this chance 2perform, this is very good experience. Besides tat, I also wan 2 thx my fren who support me. Tat was very sweet! I will keep improving my self n hope tat I will bring out more interested de performance for u all! Thank you!! I Love u all !!! Haha!!