Saturday, 21 February 2009

Colgis Spring Festival 2009

After few week of our busy day in planning COLGIS SPRING FESTIVAL 2009, this day finally arrive. In the process, we really feel so hard. We all hope tat 2nite all will b run smoothly. Hehe! Bcoz 2day is Saturday, I hav co-curriculum’s marching till 6pm. I thought I will b late for our spring fes, but im naughty, I run away around 5pm. Shh..shh…don tell anyone pls. LOL!!
This year spring fes really interesting. Especially, the lion dance had attract a lot of ppl. Except lion dance, I also like hip hop dance which dance the song title “circus”. I really wish tat 1 day I can dance like them on the stage.
Through this event, I had grow up a lot, learnt a lot and do a lot of thing tat I had nv done b4. Example like selling ticket or promoting’s job. Haha! Done a lot of thick skinned’s thing. By the way, I still wan 2 thanks every1 for giving me this chance to join this event, thanks for teaching me a lot of thing. I sincerely appreciate it.
Congrats tat our COLGIS SPRING FESTIVAL 2009 had going on successfully. I won forget the days we had spend 2gather. Wish tat we will cooperate again in the future! Love u all! Muackss!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

5am in the morning

Now is 5am in the morning, suddenly feel like wan write lyrics…haha!! Lets start…

透明的 最诚实的 让我看得清 你的笑 不一定是发出自真心
嫉妒 你不断伪装着自己 不要幼稚 要成熟的心
孤独 你其实是害怕寂寞 但要自己不相信
自私 你只爱你自己
我透过一面镜子里 看见了我种种忧伤的表情
有些好事 不需公告天下 可惜你却看不到我的用心
我看透了这镜子里 看见了自己失望的表情
有些时候 旁人会较清楚 他们是镜子但你却不在意
讨厌 你不断折磨着自己 不要原谅 也不要忘记
体谅 你进入我的角色里 请你了解我的心
任性 你只爱你自己
卸下面具 不要埋冤 我默默许下心愿
删掉悲哀 删掉一切 用真心去爱

Finally I had done at 630am. But juz a lyrics, I donno how 2do about the melody. Hopefully tat I can sing this song one day in the future.

Draw Poster

Now is 4am+ in the morning. I cant sleep even I feel very sleepy n tired. 2day I help my GeGe draw poster for dancing competition. Really busy, coz my timetable is too full. With my GeGe, DiDi and AhFong helps, we finally done the poster. Really nice poster n im so happy tat they like it.thx guys!! Thx for the helps oh!
Actually drawing can ease my pain. Haha! Weird huh? I like 2 draw coz my mind will empty when I drawing n juz focus 2 the draw. Except this, I also won feel lonely when I drawing but juz feel happiness.
Im happy tat god hav giv me this gift. Thx god! I hope tat I can draw more drawing n bring more happiness 2 all of my fren n ppl who is around. Even last time when I was a kids, I been bully by classmate in class, I always will think y good ppl always won hav good repay. Then I will blame on god. Haha! Really silly is it? But when I grow up now, I understand god had giv me a lot,expecially giving me a lot of talents which can make ppl around happy. Actually, this is my dream when I was kid tat I wish I can bring happiness 2 every who around me. Thx god coz helping me ^^
When something bad happen, we cannot juz blame on other ppl. Sometimes, we hav2 think on many ways, I understand most of us did it, coz we r mature already. Example like our parent scold us is for our own good. We knows it, but when we r kids, what would we think if our parent scold us? Of course we will angry when we r kids even though we know they r right.
Drawing really make me think a lot of my childhood. If I din go through so many set-back on my past, I mayb still will blame to the others when somethings bad happen.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine’s day

2day actually is meant ntg 2 me, coz im single. Haha! Anyway, talk about 2day, first of all, this morning im happy coz I receive my fren’s present. Opps! Not guys but gals who sent me the gift. Pls don misunderstanding. They are so sweet and tats y I hav some chocolate2 eat. Really thx to them. 2day morning I wake up ealier, coz I wan draw a drawing for my fren. I had promise 2 draw for them since long time ago. Now finally I manage 2 draw for them. So glad tat they like my drawing. Thx Zhen Zhen n Bing Bing ^^
But at night im abit disappointed 2 some of my fren. I think they r trying 2 repel me. Im not sure y they did tat 2 me. But I seriously feel they make use of me. Mayb is my problem tat I donno how 2 communicate with ppl. Or mayb some of them envy of me n build their happiness on my pain. Even though they threatens me tats ways, but I still feel glad tat I hav seen how ugly they r behind their mask. I had learn the lesson n I hope tat they do also.
Hope tat they will make fren with ppl using their real heart but not hiding behind the mask. This few days very thx to Michelle, Magdalene, Boey n her roommate( sry I din manage 2 get know ur name yet), my maple korkor Darefrencze, my gege n didi at uum , Bee Ling(sry coz I din tell u my problem, but still thx coz pei me) n others who care of me, thank you! When we lost something in the same times we will obtain something else. This few day I realize tat I hav so many frens who care of me n love me! I will b fine…(recover in progress)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Spring festival’s exhibition

This few day b4 the spring festival’s exhibition, we really struggle n busy about our exhibition about getting ingredient for our design tat in plan. We using 3day 2work on tat exhibition, apart from that, we also din sleep for past 2day, I really tired n my eyes is seriously look swollen. Its look like panda…LOL! But we really happy coz our strive have a very good repay.

Yeah! We won the 1st prize!!! I can’t describe the happiness which write on our face. I think this is wat call a real happiness which we all really smile from our heart. Thx god coz giving us this prize. I had learn a lot from this exhibition. Hope that me n my group member will hav chances to cooperation again in the future.

Thx all of u guys n thx all my fren who had vote for us in the competition ^^