Monday, 31 May 2010

Semester Break

I had been a long time din write blog, forget how long already. This semester break, i gain alot of new experience. Only have 2 month holiday, luckily i found a job. Thank to the boss who willing to hire me. Really happy~ ^^

In this period, i work as a promoter~ sell cloth~which shop? of coz tat is my secret~ ^^
very happy that everyday can wear pretty cloth to work. This semester, i had capture alot of picture, especially is when i working time. All i can said is, i like this job~ ^^ Thanks boss coz giving this chance n hire me even 2 month~ i really appreciate it~

Friday, 28 May 2010


就在今晚。。。我打算给我的亲爱的一个惊喜~ 我要把这些夜光心心贴在墙壁上,然后让他每晚睡前关了灯都可以看到我的心心~~ 哈哈!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Is U? Is me?

Today when i go out to Watson to buy something while working. Suddenly got a gal come n stick this sticker on my shoulder~ haha!
really shock~ coz i remember that i don know her. haha! then she juz told me: "read the word on the sticker "~ ^^
weird weird day~ haha~ but quite happy she stick this sticker on me~ i wonder izzit becoz i got the look? wakaka~~ i don care, all i know is today is happy happy day~ ^^