Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mooncake Festival 2009

This year Mooncake Festival abit special. No lantern, no game, but have performance. This is the 1st time tat i perform in UUM's Dewan MAS. Its about 3000 audiance inside the hall. LOL! Really happy tat we hav this chances to perform.

This is my partner...we duet a song title "我就是这样" 刘力扬's song. its a really nice song. i like tat song so much ^^

Haha! we go out walk walk while waitng for our turn to perform, then we saw 988's car! i think 988 also been invited to the Mooncake Festival's event bah! haha!

We have the almost same style of cloth n hairstyle too! cute right? haha!
This really is a very special experince. hope tat have chances 2 perform again in this kind of event in the future. haha! thx ya my fren ^^ muackss!